Tony’s Top 10 Things To Do In Melbourne


  1. Go To The Footy!!  From March until the last days of September, Melbourne is all about the Footy - the Australian Rules Football.  That is what so many of us talk about.  It is a passion that runs so deeply into our culture that you won’t really understand Melbourne unless you go to a game.  There are two great stadiums in town where you can see a game - the famous MCG and Telstra Dome at Docklands.  The Footy is family friendly - there is no violence like at some European soccer matches.  Try to go to game at the MCG.  You can buy tickets here.

  2. City Circle Tram: As the song says - “Come take a ride on the City Circle Tram, It’s a great way to help you understand, The layout of our town, It’s a way to get around and it’s FREE the Melbourne City Circle Tram!”  Take a ride. BUY THE CD. CITY CIRCLE TRAM

  3. Federation Square & Flinders Street Station:  At the intersection of Swanston St and Flinders st you can see the old & the new together.  Flinders Street Station, completed in 1910 is a beautiful building and presents a great photo opportunity.  Federation Square is a unique feat of modern architecture with great open spaces, bars, restaurants and galleries.   Great to walk around.  Melbourne Visitor Centre  is at Fed Square.

  4. Parks & Gardens:  Our parks and gardens are world famous.  Alexander Gardens, Birrarung Marr, Fawkner Gardens, Fitzroy Gardens, Carlton Gardens, Flagstaff Gardens, Kings Domain, Botanical Gardens, Queen Victoria Gardens, Treasury Gardens are just great spaces to sit and relax.  Here is the full list with Maps.

  5. Do a Gallery:  Melbourne is a very cultural city.  We have great galleries and museums. Spend some time taking it all in.  My favorites are ACMI Moving Image gallery at Federation Square which is FREE, although there are charges for some of the specialist exhibitions;   Ian Potter Centre at Federation Square which is also FREE, The National Gallery of Victoria International ,and Melbourne Museum.

  6. Queen Victoria Market: Fresh fish, meat, fruits & vegetables, cheeses, cold meats, breads, pies, cakes, are not the only attractions at Victoria market, but I do think the fresh food market is a great way to feel the culture of any city and our Victoria Market is no exception.  But there are also clothing stalls, bric-a-brac, cheap CD’s & DVD’s and much more.  This is a MUST VISIT location in Melbourne.  Open Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays & Saturdays.

  7. Do at least one great Melbourne Restaurant:  Melbourne is the Good Food Capital of Australia.  Splash out and do some fine dining.  Here are my Top 10 Dining Experiences.

  8. Go to Lygon Street:  This is where Italy meets Melbourne!  Restaurants, Bars, Coffee & much more. Every evening it is packed with people out enjoying Melbourne life. Lygon St is the extension of Russell St in the city, so just walk away from the river on Russell St and you will hit Lygon St.  It’s less than 1k from Bourke St & Russell St corner.

  9. Go to St.Kilda:  Hop on a 16, 79, 96  or 112 tram from the City and go to St.Kilda.  It’s only a 15 minute ride. St.Kilda  is not only full of bars, restaurants, clubs, interesting shops and live music - it has a great beach where you can go swimming and it has Luna Park Fun Fair with the Big Dipper and many other rides and entertainments.  There is a great open air Market along the Esplanade every Sunday with stalls offering all sorts of arts & crafts.

  10. Take one day trip out of the city:  Australian cities are great, but to get a real idea of the open spaces we have in Australia, you must get out of town for a day - to the forests, the ocean beaches, the mountains, the wineries, the bush!  Here are my ideas for Day Trips.

And in Spring, at the end of October and the first week of November, the Spring Carnival Horse Racing is the star attraction.  If you are here in this period, you MUST go to the races for a day!  It is one the biggest racing carnivals in the world, and not to be missed.

And one more thing you MUST DO in Melbourne is eat a Hot Meat Pie.  This is the favorite Aussie fast food treat.  You can buy one at most 711’s and convenience stores.  They are super fresh at THE FOOTY!  You MUST have a pie (and maybe a beer !) at the Footy.  It’s tradition!